School Uniform

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We expect all our children to wear school uniform as we believe it gives the school an identity and encourages the children to take a pride in both their appearance and in the school.

It also cuts down on arguments about what children are going to wear!

The office has a good supply of uniform should you need to purchase any (please click here for details, prices and an order form) 

Our uniform is as follows:

  • Green or yellow jumpers/cardigans/fleeces and polo shirts. White polo shirts are also acceptable.
  • School shoes should be black and sensible, so no boots or open sandals.
  • Green or yellow dresses can be worn.     
  • Dark grey trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses.    
  • Hijabs should be plain black, brown or green.
  • PE kits should consist of black or dark coloured shorts, green or yellow t-shirt, and plimsolls.   Tracksuit bottoms (navy or black) for cold weather may also be worn.
  • PE bags (yellow or green) can be purchased from the office.

Please don’t forget your child will require a warm coat, gloves and hat in the winter and a summer hat when the weather is hot.

Finally, please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that any lost property can be reunited with its rightful owner!

jewelleryJewellery and valuables

In the interests of the children items of value which may be lost, mislaid or damaged should not be brought into school. Money for school trips should be sent to the school office in a named, sealed envelope.

As the children in our school are very young and unable to remove jewellery easily we have a No Jewellery Policy. We ask that children do not wear any jewellery to school, including earrings, as the Local Authority Health and Safety Policy states it could be dangerous and lead to accidents during PE lessons or in the playground.  

If you are contemplating having your child’s ears pierced then we ask that this takes place over the summer holidays as this will allow at least 5 weeks for the ears to heal. If this is not possible then children are required to have their newly pierced ears covered by tape. Current medical advice states that four weeks should be the maximum time required for healing to take place after which time earrings should be removed unless there is a secondary infection.  If this is the case then please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Parents refusing to comply with these safety requirements are themselves preventing their child from accessing the National Curriculum.

Thank you for following our school uniform guidelines, however, please come and speak to me if you are having difficulties sending your child to school in school uniform and we will work out a solution.

Sharon Anderson


December 2014